Young Justice: why each episode has the number “16”


Young Justice co-showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti reveal why the number “16” is so prominent in the DC animated series.

young justice Co-showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti have revealed why they’ve included #16 in every episode of the DC Animated Series to date.

Weisman and Vietti disclosed the issue’s significance to the series on the official DC Comics blog. “young justice takes place on Earth-16 in the DC Multiverse,” Vietti said. Weisman added that while the original question acknowledged the cipher’s prominent use in young justice Seasons 3 and 4, he actually appeared in “nearly every episode of every season”, starting with the show’s pilot. “[T]Turning the question around, why are you only noticing it now?” he joked.

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Another key insight the showrunners offered was for DC characters. young justice could not use in its first season. Weisman and Vietti confirmed that Darkseid, the Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark incarnations of Wonder Girl, and the Ted Kord version of Blue Beetle were banned while they were writing Season 1. “We have no idea why these particular characters were prohibited,” Weisman said. “And obviously those restrictions were eventually lifted, as all four have since appeared on the show.”

The duo also discussed the time jumps between each season of young justice, including why they settled on a five-year gap between seasons 1 and 2. “We wanted a big time jump between the first two seasons to really illustrate what our show was about, that is, say GROW,” Weisman said. Vietti further streamlined the DC animated series’ use of the time-jump storytelling device as a way to inject mystery at the start of each season. “We know our audience will want to know what happened between seasons and we can experience highlights in a new season,” he said.

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Weisman and Vietti recognized the increased emphasis on character-driven story arcs in young justice Season 4 during Q&A as well. “We thought it was time – after two seasons where the plot drove most of our choices – to go back to the main characters of our series and see where each was at in their lives, a decade after we met for the first time,” Weisman explained.

Vietti went on to explain how mixing up their approach to each season ensured that each new batch of episodes had a “unique feel”, keeping things fresh for themselves and the young justice fan base. “Trying to break the mold a bit for each season keeps us creatively on our toes and hopefully defies audience expectations to some degree,” he said.

young justice Season 4 – Part 2 is currently streaming on HBO Max, with new episodes released on Thursdays.

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Source: DC Comics

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